HCMS Student Council

We are excited to introduce the student leaders of HCMS, the Student Council for the 2021-2022 academic year.   Student Council is a student ran organization that is lead by HCMS Student Council sponsor, Shonquita Horton.  This year's group have been active in student life on the HCMS Campus ensuring that they continue to be what their motto states best, "Students Working for Students!" 

Executive Board

President- Jonathan Posely

Vice President-Markese Walker

Treasurer- Leland Lott

Secretary- Michael Holsey

Parlimentarian-Skye Ransom

8th Grade Council Members

Karley Davis

Demee Batttle

Jateria Ruff

Kamren Simmons

Adiel Yehudah (Not Pictured)

Ashley Russell (Not Pictured)

7th Grade Council Members

Angel Clark (Not Pictured)

Kym'Mora Lango

Taliyah Womble

Ariel Smith (Not Pictured)

Katravion Scott (Not Pictured)

Tyler Mayweather

Kamauri Carswell

Thank you Student Council & Ms. Horton  for an awesome job this year!